Got a Traffic Ticket. Now What?

After receiving a traffic ticket, you have three basic options: 1) Accept the fine, and penalties by paying the fine online, 2) Handle the ticket yourself in court, 3) Hire an attorney to go to traffic court for you.

Accepting the Traffic Ticket

If you choose to pay the stated fine, you are generally accepting the courts ‘Guilty’ plea, and any points involved will appear on your record with the Department of Motor Vehicles. This will cause your insurance rates to increase. You may also be automatically required to do online traffic school. You don’t always need a traffic ticket lawyer to go to court, but almost never should you approve a guilty plea.

Handle the Traffic Ticket Yourself

Las Vegas courts will allow you to represent yourself in traffic court. If you decide to handle the traffic ticket yourself make sure to read “How to Fight a Traffic Ticket Without a Lawyer”. This article explains the tips, and tricks that traffic lawyers use in court.

The decision in hiring a ticket lawyer or doing it yourself is about costs. Going to court requires going to the court, spending time in line, and then appearing before a judge. Is this time or inconvenience worth saving a $100 or $200 by not hiring a lawyer? If you have more time than money then “do it yourself” is the right choice.

Hiring a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

At Thompson Traffic we have 20 years’ experience handling traffic tickets in all the local traffic courts. We appear before the judge for you, ask for a reduction in the fine, no DMV points, no insurance increases, and no traffic school. Our fee is between a $100 and $200 depending on the court.

  • NO Traffic Court Appearances
  • NO Points on your DMV record
  • NO Increased Insurance Rates
  • NO Traffic School

Get started with your ticket using our easy online system; submit a traffic ticket.


Why Hire Thompson Traffic Lawyers?


Gary Thompson has over 20 years of experience handling Las Vegas Traffic Tickets, handling more than 10,000 tickets. As a Judge Pro Tempore, Gary know all the questions to ask, and all the buttons to push to get your ticket reduced.

Save Time

We go to court for you. Saving you the hassle of going to court, finding a parking space, waiting in court, and then dealing with the judge.

Save Money

We fight for a reduction in fines, no traffic school, and no DMV points. DMV points can cause your insurance rates to increase, and traffic school is time consuming.

Reasonable Fees

While most attorneys charge per violation we charge a flat fee per ticket. Most cases can be handled for a $100, not including court fines and costs.

Get started with your ticket using our easy online system; submit a traffic ticket.