Got a Traffic Ticket or Traffic Accident?

After getting a traffic ticket, you have three options.  Pay the fine  online, handle the ticket yourself in court, or hire an attorney to go to traffic court for you.  Let’s discuss these traffic ticket options and see which is best for you.

Accept the Traffic Ticket

If you choose to pay the stated fine, you are generally accepting the courts “Guilty” plea, and any points involved will appear on your record with the Department of Motor Vehicles. This will probably cause your insurance rates to increase.  Most insurance companies increase rates based on DMV points.  You may also be  required to attend traffic school. You don’t always need a traffic ticket lawyer, but we almost never recommend someone to  accept a guilty plea and all the baggage that comes with it.

Handle the Traffic Ticket Yourself

Las Vegas courts will allow you to represent yourself in traffic court. If you decide to handle the traffic ticket yourself make sure to read “How to Fight a Traffic Ticket Without a Lawyer”. This article explains the tips, and tricks  attorney Gary Thompson has used in court for over 20 years.

The decision in hiring a ticket lawyer or doing it yourself is typically about costs; time and money.  Going to court requires time.  You spend time driving to court, finding a parking space, standing in line, and then appearing before a judge.  If you have the time, then “do it yourself” is probably the right choice.   If you lose more than $100 when you miss work, then hiring  Thompson Lawyers is a better option.

Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

At Thompson Traffic we have 20 years’ experience handling traffic tickets in all the local traffic courts. We appear before the judge for you, ask for a reduction in the fine, no DMV points, no insurance increases, and no traffic school. Our fee is typically a $100 if you are not a VIP member.   VIP members only pay $89 for unlimited traffic tickets.

  • NO Traffic Court Appearance
  • NO DMV Points
  • NO Increased Insurance Rates
  • NO Traffic School
  • Reduced Fine

Get started by submitting your traffic ticket.

Traffic Accidents

Aside from traffic tickets, we handle traffic accidents.   Did you get rear-ended while at a stop light, or maybe t-boned while going through an intersection.  Now the other driver’s insurance doesn’t want to fix your car, or reimburse you for medical bills, or pay for the wages you lost while seeing doctors.   We  know the insurance game, and can help.  Gary Thompson has been negotiating with insurance companies for over 20 years.   They trust him, because they know he is fair.   Gary’s goal is to keep you out of court, and get you a full reimbursement.   This puts the most money in your pocket in the quickest amount of time.   Call Gary today for a free consult.

Why Hire Thompson Traffic Lawyers?

Gary Thompson has over 20 years of experience handling Las Vegas Traffic Tickets, handling more than 10,000 tickets.   As a Judge Pro Tempore, Gary know all the questions to ask, and all the buttons to push to get your ticket reduced.   His experience with insurance companies is as notable.   Thousands of Nevadans have put their trust in Gary to represent them and to protect their interests with insurance companies.   When you want honest answers, and hard work from a lawyer who will help you, call Thompson Traffic Lawyers.