VIP Traffic Ticket Service

Over 200,000 traffic tickets are handed out each year in the Las Vegas valley. That is close to 600 tickets a day.   What should you do if you get one of those 600 traffic tickets? Enroll in Thompson Traffic Lawyers VIP program and let the traffic attorneys handle court for you.

  • No DMV Points
  • No Insurance Increase
  • No Traffic School
  • No Appearing in Court
  • Reduced Fine

Unlimited Traffic Ticket Assistance

Whether the ticket is for speeding, failing to signal, or an accident we will appear in court to negotiate a better result. For over 20 years we have been appearing in Clark County Courts to negotiate traffic tickets for our clients. Most results end in no DMV points, no traffic school, no insurance increases, and some results even get a reduced fine.

We offer two plans; VIP Silver is our standard plan. VIP Gold covers tickets received prior to membership and offers additional services for insurance claims, and traffic accidents.

VIP Silver – $89 a year

Unlimited traffic tickets. We will send an attorney to traffic court whenever needed. Attorney representation consists of appearance and negotiation of fine for traffic violations, negotiation for no DMV points, and negotiation for no traffic school. Does not include representation of guilty pleas, or trials. Results cannot be guaranteed but with over 20 years of handling traffic tickets we are highly successful negotiators.

  • Does not include tickets received prior to membership.
  • Excludes DUI’s, reckless driving tickets, or arrests warrants.

VIP Gold – $109 a year

VIP gold provides same great services as VIP Silver with a few additions. No waiting period. Coverage for all the courts in Clark County TTL appears in. Plus, insurance claim assistance.

  • Property Damage Claims – Whether at-fault or not we help you get you vehicle fixed. We will negotiate with insurance adjusters to have your vehicle repaired, and make sure you are properly reimbursed of any covered expenses.
  • Accident Injury Claims – We reduce our contingency fee for all auto accident claims. This service is best used when you are involved in an auto accident and you need reimbursement for medical bills, lost wages, and pain or suffering.

Family Members  – $69 a year

Add an immediate family member to the same plan you choose for only $69 a year.   They receive the same services VIP services for a fraction of the cost.   Great for teenage drivers, and spouses.