VIP Enrollment Form

Client has reviewed and agrees to terms and conditions

VIP Silver – $89 a year

Unlimited traffic tickets. We send an attorney to traffic court whenever needed. Attorney representation consists of appearance and negotiation of fine for traffic violations, negotiation for no DMV points, and negotiation for no traffic school. Does not include representation of guilty pleas, or trials. Results cannot be guaranteed but with over 20 years of handling traffic tickets we are highly successful negotiators.  Does not include tickets received prior to membership.  Excludes DUI’s, reckless driving tickets, or arrests warrants.

VIP Gold – $109 a year

VIP gold provides same great services as VIP Silver with a few additions. No waiting period. Coverage for all the courts in Clark County TTL appears in. Plus, insurance claim assistance.   We will negotiate with insurance adjusters to have your vehicle repaired, and make sure you are properly reimbursed of any covered expenses.  We reduce our contingency fee for all auto accident claims. Used when involved in an auto accident and you need reimbursement for medical bills, lost wages, and pain or suffering.

Family Members – $69 a year

Add an immediate family member to the same plan you choose for only $69 a year.   They receive the same services VIP services for a fraction of the cost.   Great for teenage drivers, and spouses.

Terms & Conditions

Thompson Traffic Lawyers (TTL) agrees to appear in court on behalf of above Client for traffic ticket violations received in Clark County.  If VIP Gold is selected TTL agrees to provide additional services regarding property damage claims, and accident injury claims.

Eligibility of all services is limited to named Client. Services does not extend to anyone else, nor can it be transferred to another person.  Client must  have a valid drivers license and operating a properly licensed motor vehicle at the time of traffic violation, or traffic accident.

TTL’s service under this agreement is for a 12-month period beginning from the date of this executed agreement or of payment, whichever is greater. This agreement  is auto renewed, and client can cancel agreement anytime before renewal.   TTL can cancel the  service at any time and for any reason with a full refund of the service fee charged.

Service provides for court appearance by attorney, and negotiation of non-felony traffic violations. Limited to courts TTL will appear in (see item 4). Negotiation of traffic ticket violations only.  No trial or evidentiary hearings.   DUI’s, reckless driving, aggressive driving, hit and run, arrest warrants, or other offenses which could result in suspension or revocation of Client’s driver’s license are not included.  VIP Silver does not cover tickets received prior to membership.  VIP Gold does cover tickets received prior to membership as long as TTL has time to appear in court.  TTL cannot guarantee  final outcome of traffic ticket court.

The following courts are the only courts TTL will appear in; Las Vegas Municipal Court, Las Vegas Justice Court, North Las Vegas Municipal Court, North Las Vegas Justice Court, Henderson Municipal Court, Henderson Justice Court, Boulder City Municipal Court, Boulder City Justice Court, Goodsprings Justice Court, Laughlin Justice Court, Moapa Justice Court, Searchlight Justice Court.

Client must give TTL a minimum of 5 days notice before the date of the scheduled court appearance. Failure of this notice may prevent TTL from appearing in court on the scheduled date.

Property damage services includes general legal advice for filing a property damage vehicle claim, assisting with opening a claim, negotiation with insurance company on claim.  Services does not include filing a legal claim, or sending demand letters. TTL may decline assistance for claims deemed to be lacking merit.   This service is for VIP Gold members.

Accident injury claim services provides handling personal injury claims incurred from a non-fault vehicle accident.  The contingency fee will not be greater than 30% of recovery for successful resolution of claim without filing a law suit.  Additional details of attorney representation will be covered by a TTL contingency fee agreement.  TTL may decline representation for claims deemed to be lacking merit.  This service is for VIP Gold members.